Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BT Scotland, Not So Green As They Could Be

The Scotsman is running a top 50 Scottish Green Giants list and today the top ten will be announced in Edinburgh. On the list already announced at No.13 is Brendan Dick, The director of BT in Scotland has led the company's climate-change programme, and has been an ambassador for Prince Charles on corporate responsibility for the past year. The Prince said Mr Dick was a "natural leader" who inspires others.

Well 'tis a pity that BT Scotland seem unable to provide the level of broadband services in many remote parts of Scotland that are necessary. Here in the Lammermuirs the exchanges are so old that some people are still unable to get broadband and those of us who are get a half meg line. Broadband for all, at decent speeds, would allow many small businesses to relocate to the rural parts of Britain and reduce commuting by allowing more people to work at home. Our local Community Council has even offered them money to upgrade the Longformacus exchange, but no joy. Sometimes it's better to look at what's happening in your own back yard that worrying about corporate climate change programmes.


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This is the Gorbachev Syndrome.

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