Thursday, February 26, 2009

Money's Not Too Tight. . .

OK, let's get this straight. Fred Goodwin, I can't bring myself to call him Sir Fred, isn't contractually bound to get the £693K pension that he's been given. It was a deal agreed by the RBS Board (which indeed is our bank in which the Havers' millions are deposited) to somehow reward him for his years of service. The government knew he was getting this pension last year but said nothing. . .now there's a surprise. Meanwhile we have a new Chief Executive of RBS (I wonder what his pension arrangements are?) in the shape of Stephen Hester (salary £1.2 million and a pay-off package reported to be £4 million if he's sacked) who finds it difficult to answer the question as to why some of the people who are still on the RBS board were the same people who gave Goodwin his pension deal.

Then you have the BBC senior executives justifying the salaries they are paying to some of the presenters by saying that they would get that much in the commercial sector. No they bloody wouldn't! Has anyone noticed the dire straights that ITV and commercial radio are in?

Oh yes, and then we have the likes of Peter Mandelson, Baron Fop of Mandy who is another that seems to be given a whopping salary to be a government minister because none of our elected MPs are up to the task. So we make him a Lord, for which he gets paid handsomely by us the tax payers.

What's this all mean? It's a bloody cartel, a club in which those who are running it decide whose in it, decide what they are going to get and then police it as well. There's something very rotten in the state of Britain and it won't be long before something happens that will be related to releasing the pressure.


Kevan said...


You know that the whistle is about to blow on this pressure cooker!!

Boiling point will be reached when 'Call Me Dave' takes the helm from Broon & Co. Big Eck will work his magic and drag up enough Tory past escapades to convince the people that Independence is the way forward.

Broon has left Scotland, and the UK, with little left to lose.

Anonymous said...


I thought you might enjoy my musical tribute to Sir Fred, with apologies to the brothers Davies