Thursday, January 08, 2009

VisitScotland have done it again

Blimey....he's woken from his Christmas slumbers! Well actually I've been up to my neck in writing and barely had time to think of anything bar the day job. However, I did come across yet another of example of visitScotland's wonderful (?) out of date rubbish on their web site.

Under literary events in Scotland on the most recent date for anything happening is 2002. They talk about signings in book shops, including Ottaker's. Well Ottaker's were swallowed up by Waterstone's 3 years ago and there are no longer any of their outlets on the high street.

They really are such a dim organization that are all flash and totally lacking in the basic tools to do the job.


Unknown said...

VisitScotland. They are total rubbish aren't they?

Richard Havers said...

Come, come John, they're not that good. You can recycle rubbish!