Monday, November 24, 2008

The Donald To Withdraw?

Amidst the pen to paper world in which I seem to be living currently – well digit to plastic to screen world – I couldn't let this little gem pass. According to press reports, BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump, The Donald to the rest of us, has threatened to ditch his £1 billion Scottish golf development over the slow progress of his controversial plan. Apparently he's "sickened" by the slow pace of the planning system. His son, The Eric, was in Northern Ireland last week viewing alternative sites. So will the five-star 450-bedroom hotel, 960 time share apartments and 500 private houses go ahead? Perhaps this is the beginning of a strategic withdrawal by the Donald, no doubt the billion pounds that is just sitting in that bank waiting to be spent is giving him itchy feet.

But wait.....The Donald has asked for time to repay the £430 million loan on the 92-storey Trump International Hotel and Tower, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sales in the partly finished tower - the second tallest in America, ‘have come in below original estimates' and the project’s current projected revenue remains short by over £67million, due to the ‘unprecedented financial crisis.’ So why doesn't he just use the £Billion in the bank? Is it all starting to unravel?


James Higham said...

Donald seems to be a big issue up your way jsut now, Richard. How are the owls, by the way?

Trubes said...

Good grief...Don't say Donald is being hit by The Credit crunch too!
My heart bleeds for him.

Hope the Owls are ok...perhaps an update?