Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Developer's Club

According to Stewart Milne, Chairman and CEO of the Stewart Milne Group in a letter to the Scotsman. "The social and economic benefits to be derived from this project are of national rather than just local importance. This development will be a tremendous asset and source of pride for Aberdeen and Scotland for many generations."

Now you might be surprised to know he's talking about The Donald's project. Quite how a housing estate and a golf course will provide "social and economic benefits of national importance" I'm at a loss to see. The level of rhetoric surrounding this whole affair is being cranked up to bursting point, following Trump's man's assertion that there's £1 million in cash in the bank just waiting to be spent.

Mr Milne's company are house builders and they need to talk a good game on this subject. They too would probably enjoy the opportunity to build homes where the "economic benefit far outweighs the environmental concerns." Mr Milne finishes by saying "(Aberdeen) will gain comfort from the commitment of the Trump organisation, which will do its utmost to make this work for the benefit of us all."

That's all of us in the developer's club. It's still the wrong idea for the wrong place.


Anonymous said...

Is there any truth in the rumour that Donald Trump and Stewart Milne are to go into partnership on the north east's premier school of hairdressing?

James Higham said...

National importance is a bit hard to argue for here.

Anonymous said...