Sunday, November 02, 2008

Be Careful What we Wish For at the BBC

There's a right old rant in the Scotsman today about the BBC by Gerald Warner. There's also an interesting comment from Corrigan Reid, a blogger on the comments section of the Warner article.

Two thoughts on the rants. It's a lot to do with a detached management of the BBC who don't actually know what the license fee payers want and are attempting to be all things to all men (and women). The argument right now tends to revolve around very little of the BBC's output and it's a shame the whole thing is being dragged down (but they've only themselves to blame) into the mud. We should be careful what we wish for in all of this. The chances are that we're in danger of seeing a lot of what is great about the BBC being sacrificed for what is bad.

Things need to be got back under control and there is probably a good aspect to all that has happened over Ross and Brand. No, we can't turn the clock back and pay JR less but there needs to be some more mature management and business thinking at the Beeb. They are not a charity who can decide with seeing abandon to do what they like with the money we give them. It needs to be sorted and sorted quickly before we all have a lot to regret.

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