Thursday, October 23, 2008

Careless Talk Costs Careers

All this, he said this, about him, and he said this, about him, relating to Mandelson, Osborne, the very rich Russian blokey with the funny name and the very rich English blokey with a name that's all to familiar is becoming increasingly absurd. We've now got a piece in the Standard claiming that Osborne poor mouthed David Davis. These journalists, who are relishing all this tittle tattle, seem to be missing the point. Whenever people gather and wine is drunk then tongues start to wag. I'm sure there was a good deal of egging on all round and then before you know it there's an element of competition among the guests as to who can come out with something more outrageous than the next guy. It came as no surprise that Mandy gave Brown a bashing. All this false bonhomie about he and the PM being friends again is just nuts. Mandy sold his soul; well he agreed to kiss and make up (ghastly thought) in order to get a title – would he have come back without one? Mandy's made for the rest of his life. It's worth millions being a Baron, so what does he care? 

Now young Georgie Porgy is a different matter; he's far too naive in all this. Then what do you expect? He's been a data entry clerk, worked in a shop, worked in Conservative Central Office, been a special adviser and finally an MP since 2001. He's wet; probably thinks it's all a bit of a game. Frankly it would be better if he went, and went soon. David Cameron has put his trust in him, but he's also not as experienced as we'd probably all like him to be. The old lions led by donkeys comes to mind. However, let's move to WW2 for the analogy. . .Careless talk costs careers.


Selena Dreamy said...

It came as no surprise that Mandy gave Brown a bashing.

Certainly not to me. The defence against a fear of inadequacy can sometimes be deference and betrayal. Duplicity for him no doubt represents the satisfaction of some deviate aspiration, and, most certainly to me, he’s the most spineless, contemptible, treacherous creature since J.R.R.Tolkien invented a character called Gollum...

Richard Havers said...

Tolkien went to Stonyhurst school at Clitheroe in Lancashire, it's the public school that was run by the Jesuits. I was there recently and was shown a box with the name Golomski on it...I wonder?