Monday, September 22, 2008

Labour – Out of Touch and Soon Out of Power

If you want to know what's wrong with Labour then read this piece in the Daily Post by David Lindsay. It's brilliant!


Selena Dreamy said...

Clearly, with some 1.5m children in Britain — more than one in eight — growing up in homes with parents who are alcoholics or habitual drug users - to quote but one statistic - the concept of "New Labour" can be nothing but the moral formula for cloaking a collaboration motivated by nothing but considerations of personal power politics. Apart from those, of course, who take refuge in self-deception - like Gordon Brown perhaps. Though, admittedly, once you can get over your initial revulsion of him being the architect of our current dilemma, I still think he is the best of a bad bunch.

Politics really is just a beauty contest - give me Margaret Thatcher any time!

Unknown said...

"a philistine collection of fund-controlling agenda-setters, "

What an apt description. Good link. I found myself in accord with just about everything. Who'd a thought it! Or maybe now that the stranglehold of almighty PC is being breached I'm feeling more able to think what I really think...? Who knows?

The very same dynamic was played out in post Revolutionary Russia: The Bolsheviks slaughtered as many aristocrats and middle class as they could. This left peasants without doctors, teachers, lawyers and, most often in the aristocrats, protectors. Nonetheless, the manual workers and what was left of the sharper peasantry rose to positions of power. With monumental chips on their shoulders. Continuing the pogrom against the aristocrats and middle classes and despising and ignoring the mass of the ignorant peasantry.

I can't get over how similar the current UK is.

RobW said...

Read it. Very good. I'm a big fan of Oborne if you've read any of his books.

Unknown said...

There may be points here and there in the article and yes Labour have become a parody.

However we shouldn't forget that reforming Labour governments gave us many benefits and advances which are now taken for granted and under threat in almost equal measure.

Lindsay's eulogy on Sandhurst and Prince Harry show his true colours.

James Higham said...

We wait, we wait, we wait. How are the owls doing, by the way?