Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How To Choose?

Trying to choose between the two choirs left in Last Choir Standing was an almost impossible choice. Both were brilliant and either one would have been a worthy winner. For me this from Ysgol Glanaethwy was the best performance of the series


Dragonstar said...

Richard, that was fantastic! I don't know the programme, but I'll be looking out for it in future. I learned to love choral singing in school, so I shouldn't be surprised that a school can produce such quality, but these were terrific! Did they win?

Richard Havers said...

No, they were the runners up. If you go on Youtube and do a search for Only Men aloud, you'll find the winner. They were also brilliant, but in a different way

jmb said...

I did see this Richard in my browsing around YouTube. The Carmina Burana was one of the works my choir performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra all those years ago and I still remember so much of it, word for word, note for note. O Fortuna sends shivers down my spine when I hear it.
I have the whole thing on record but should buy it on CD as we no longer have a functioning record player.
What struck me about this program was how many young people there were in the various choirs which is wonderful. The choral tradition is obviously alive and well in Britain.
Thanks for bringing the whole thing to my attention with your comment at Sicily Scene.

Richard Havers said...

JMB, so glad you liked it. It was so heartening to see so many young people involved in these choirs. Some of the other choirs were very close to as good as these two Welsh choirs. Some f the gospel based groups were fab.