Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gordon Rhetoric Strikes Again

Apparently the ever so concerned Gordon Brown has a new plan, a vision some might say. At the Labour Party conference in Manchester on Tuesday, when he makes his big speech to the party faithful he's going to promise a "new wave of social mobility - upward mobility - people being able to do better than their parents".

It will be fascinating to hear how this is going to pan out on the subject of pensions. I'm sure everyone growing up today, even those approaching their mid life years have nothing to worry about as far as the state pension is concerned. It's all very well wanting to introduce free nursery places for every two-year-old but for my money the ticking time bomb of an every increasing aged population is a far bigger issue - not of course for G.Brown and his colleagues in parliament who have all voted themselves huge pensions and benefits in later life. Oh, yes, and another thing. This free nursery place scheme is not a policy, it's an "aspiration" according to his aides.


James Higham said...

Don't touch the OAPs is the golden rule.

Unknown said...

Ah! the aspiration! this is one that local councils have been coming out with for years e.g. 'Don't worry about this completely daft plan we've paid consultants six figures to come up with, it's an aspiration not a policy'