Monday, September 08, 2008

Gordon Brown's Like an Old Worn Out Record

After the Crewe and Nantwich by-election Gordon Brown, fearless leader, the man from the manse, courageous Briton, and the bloke with a brain the size of . . . well something very huge indeed, said.

"The message we are getting is people are concerned. They are concerned about food prices, concerned about petrol prices and concerned about what is happening to the economy. The message of the British public is clear and unequivocal. They want us to address these challenges. The task that I have set for myself is that we take this economy through difficult times into a future where we have both fairness for all and prosperity for the British people. That is the challenge I am going to meet for the British people.”

After Glasgow East he said.

"I think what people want to know is that we understand and we hear their concerns. People are worried every time they go to the petrol station for fuel and worry about the costs... These are concerns that are happening in every other country. My whole focus and whole task is to take people through difficult times...We've got to listen and hear people's concerns and that's exactly what we are doing. I'm getting on with the job. My task is getting on with the job. It's exactly what people want me to do."

Now today he has emailed every Labour Party member saying.

"People want a government that is always on their side - but at their side only when they need it. They want a government that is empowering, not overpowering. This is not about rhetoric. It's about fairness and unfairness. It's about providing support to those who played by the rules but are struggling with rising prices. It's about making sure that a fair chance is provided to all.

I will not pretend that there is a quick fix. It requires leadership, squaring up to hard truths, being open with the British people about the choices we face, and making tough decisions on priorities for public spending. I know that there are people who feel that modern Britain has been unfair to them. Some of them are right. But there is nothing that is bad about Britain that cannot be overcome by what is good about Britain. *

In the coming weeks, I will set out how I - and our party, and our government, and our country - must rise to conquer those challenges and ensure fairness for all."

"This is not about rhetoric", says the Prime Minister. It's not? That's what this and his entire government is based upon. He doesn't do leadership; he does talking. Politics as we all know has a lot to do with the ancient art of smoke and mirrors, but it also, just occasionally, has to do with not just talking the talk, sometimes you have to walk the walk too. Fundamentally it's all about leadership and it's what Brown doesn't get about it. He thinks the more he talks the talk about “fairness” and “rising to challenges” it will all magically come right on the night. Just about everyone in Britain have had their pockets picked by Labour with stealth tax after stealth tax making things ever worse, while all Brown can do is blame it on the global crunch. Yes of course there are global issues but our problems are also domestic, labour-made, issues. It's been an accident waiting to happen and Brown has overseen this mess - much of which is his own making.

Gordon Brown finishes his email by saying.

Fairness is my purpose, my pride, my principle.

And my promise to you.


What unmitigated bollocks (that one's for you Dreamy) Actually it's all rather bloody sad that the man holding the highest office in our country is so out of touch, so hunkered down in the bunker that he's kidding himself. Guido last week wrote a piece asking the question, Is Brown Bonkers? Who really knows, but is clearly incapable of the job his been charged with. To write such drivel insults his high office (not that I think he wrote it at all), but if he did then God help us. Gordon, here's a tip. You're not a bloody vicar, you're the Prime Minister. You're not preaching a sermon, you're supposed to be the man who leads the country, not one that leads us out of temptation. The fact is he’s like an old worn out record that’s stuck.


* Back in 2007 at the Labour Party Conference Brown said “And there is no weakness in Britain today that cannot be overcome by the strengths of the British people." Bill Clinton at his first inaugural Presidential speech in 1993 said. "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America." The man’s not even bloody original and he repeats himself!

Hat Tip Iain Dale for GB's email


James Higham said...

It's about fairness and unfairness. It's about providing support to those who played by the rules but are struggling with rising prices. It's about making sure that a fair chance is provided to all.

Beautiful, Richard, beautiful.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, viewing it all from here, it seems that he is treating people as if they are stupid. The British will put up with a lot, but not that!