Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Boat's Leaking. . .We Could Be Sinking

According to The Scotsman this morning Caroline Flint is emerging as a "stalking horse" for those within the Labour party seeking to oust Gordon Brown. This is the first known outbreak of Palinitus to so far affect the UK or as one wag on the Scotsman's comments section asked "who she?"

Well she is the MP who back in February this year suggested that unemployed council and housing association tenants should either look for work or face losing their homes. The housing minister also said that new applicants for social housing might sign "commitment contracts" pledging to seek employment.

Can you imagine what Labour would have said if a Tory had the audacity to suggest such a thing? Now I know she's merely being talked about to try and get a heavyweight out of hiding, but it shows the desperation of Labour. On the one hand I'm enjoying the spectacle of Labour tearing themselves apart, but on the other, given the troubled times, it is seriously worrying. As a country I cannot recall a time when we so lacked leadership, we are drifting in stormy waters and the captain's locked himself in his cabin with the rest of the officers bickering amongst themselves.

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