Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The World of Junkets

Hard as I try I find it hard not to be cynical about the news today that Glasgow is to become an official Unesco City of Music - whatever that means. There seem to be so many of these type of endowments, either for world heritage, reading, culture and whatever else that they are all merging into a blur of useless unescos. What will it really do for Glasgow? Will it bring in any more tourists? Probably not, but the people involved with UNESCO will have enjoyed the junket. especially when you hear that Sevile and Bolagna are also to receve the accolade. But, and believe me this is taking nothing away from Glasgow which is a great city for music, what about Vienna, or Milan, or numerous other cities around the world? To celebrate the award Koïchiro Matsuura, the director-general of Unesco's itinery includes a walking tour of Edinburgh's Old and New towns, a Fringe performance by the Scottish Dance Theatre, a civic reception at Edinburgh City Council and a reception at Napier University for the launch of "Intangible Cultural Heritage in Scotland.

Do you think he'll notice?

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