Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright For Fledging

This just in from Mrs H. ....."As I walked up the track in the distance I could see two owls - one bigger than the other. The smaller one was bobbing and weaving; this was the best photo I could get. I then walked along the road to try and get something better. By this time there was only one big owl who screeched at me a couple of times before flying off.

There had been no hissing from the box, but there was when I came back. Perhaps the youngest has fledged and the two I saw was an adult giving the younger one some mouse catching lessons. There's now hissing from the box, it probably wants to make sure it gets some dinner."


CherryPie said...

Thank You for the update :-)

r morris said...

It just occurred to you suppose these owls sit around in their box each day wondering when they will make a Mrs. H sighting? Do owls blog? I wonder if there is a 'Mrs. H-Watch' blog in the animal kingdom.

r morris said...

"Look, here she comes now, and she's got her camera. Quick, strike a pose."

"No, I'm tired of the paparazzi"

r morris said...

sorry, long days of writing make me a little demented, I guess.

Dragonstar said...

Does that mean the parents will soon have a bit of time to relax? On current showing in this house, I doubt it!

Hey, R Morris - I have a dog who sees the camera and sticks her head under something!

r morris said...

LOL--dragonstar. Methinks these owls are liking having their pix taken. :)