Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Night Feeding (Stayin' Alive.....)

Short of Mrs. H. donning her camouflage gear once again and lying in wait for the adults to start feeding this may well be the best you're gonna get for today. She did just suggest that if she lay in the undergrowth on her back and made mouse noises then perhaps one of the owls would come and investigate. The fact that she is wearing brown linen trousers and an orange T-shirt might just put them off. Click on the picture for a better (although it's not great) view.


Dragonstar said...

May not be your best photo, but it's good proof of activity. You'll have them queuing at your door before long!

Richard Havers said...

It was a question of to zoom, or not to zoom. The problem on full zoom and hand held is getting anything like a decent photo with the shakes!

r morris said...

Truly awesome.