Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Havering On Springwatch - Owl Developments

Yesterday I flew from LA to Austin Texas to do some work at the University of Texas. This morning I got this from Mrs. H.

I got home about 10.30 (obviously out on the town - Ed) and after putting the dogs out I was up stairs when I saw an owlet on the ground; I could tell by the way he was flapping it was not the older baby owl. I could see it try to get back up the tree, so knew it was definitely a younger one. The next thing I saw was the other young owl flying down to it I thought now what! By this time it was 10.45 and getting dark, too late to call anyone for help. It was really windy and I hadn't seen any of the adults and there was a lot of hissing for food. I went over to have a look, didn't get on to the bank before the older one, who was next to the little one, started screeching at me. I backed off, realised there was nothing I could do until morning. Restless night, up at six! I went in search for it, nearly gave up when I found it under the laurel bush. I ran back for the ladders and gloves and caught it no problem. Turned it on his back in my hands (just like the Barn Owl Trust advices) It was beautiful and looked up at me with stunning black eyes, up the ladder owlet back in box. Hopefully it is not too hungry as it would not have got much last night if anything but at least now it has a chance.

Intrepid or what - Bill Oddie beat that....on second thoughts....


r morris said...

Mrs. H deserves some kind of medal from the Barn Owl Trust for her rescue. As for me, I applaud this effort and am glad that some stories in life have happy endings! :)

CherryPie said...

I think these Owls need to learn to look after themselves better! I am glad you were able to make the rescue.

I am a great lover of Owls :-)