Friday, June 13, 2008

Havering On's Very Own Springwatch

Two years ago Mrs. H. gave me an owl box for my birthday, now that might seem odd to some of you but I loved the idea. The Barn Owl box was made by our friend Dave who constructed it to a design she had found somewhere; she took a lot of stick for her exacting standards on how it should be done. Well last evening as we were having dinner with our friend Rob from Idaho we started seeing at least one owl going backwards and forwards to the box while it was still light. "He must be feeding young." Said Mrs. H. Apparently they wouldn't be out at that time if they weren't. I went to take some pictures of the box to put on the blog when suddenly I saw the owl return to the nest and I got this picture. Not as clear as I'd like because it was on full zoom and handheld. The owl has what looks like a mouse in its mouth. Much excitement in the house on our very own edition of 'Springwatch.'

Tawny Owl boxes are a different shape we have one of those in another part of the garden, well away from this one. The reddish thing on the top of the box that looks like a brick, is a brick. The lid blew off in the gales and so it's to hold it on!


Kathy said...

Richard Havers...I stumbled across your blogs this evening and felt as though I had connected with a relative...or some sort of kindred spirit, anyhow. I'm embarrassed to ask this personal (hippy=dippy)question...but for heaven's sake..what sign are you? I feel as though we are walking side by side through the world's buffet of offerings: history, ornithology, politics...I love your blogs. Kathy

Mrs H said...

You wouldn't want to know.

Richard Evans said...

Richard, this is a fab picture of the owl. How exciting to get the chance to snap it.

Here in Dolwyddelan we have our fair share of Tawnies - of whom I boastfully claim that I do a fairly good impression - first the female screech "Tuwhitt!"

followed by the mates call of 'Whoooo!!".

Incidentally did you know that all owls 'Whoo' in B flat?

On several of my bedtimes walks with Arthur the dog I make the female call and often get a response from a male owl up in the forest. Sometimes they come swooping down to take a look at us!

Richard Havers said...

Rich, apart from Gerry Rafferty's Night Owl can you think of any other owl songs?

jmb said...

What a great photo Richard. How lucky you are to have this owl box in your garden.

Anonymous said...

Great photo Richard. Funnily enough I posted a photo of some goldfinches this week.
As for other songs featuring owls what about Captain Beaky?

*Gets Coat*

Ellee Seymour said...

What a very thoughtful present from Mrs H. I saw some lovely white owls at Wicken Fen the other night when I was on one of my rambles.

ChrisD said...

What a wonderful picture, it looks like the owl is posing for the camera!
Must admit that I am very envious of Mrs H and her ability to think out of the box when it comes to an unusual and thoughtful gift.
I love owls and we see plenty up our way here in deepest Aberdeenshire, especially at dusk sitting on a tree or fence by the roadside or a field.
One question for any experts out there. I live on the edge of a village next to farmland, woods and a wetland area. I have on three occasions now, seen an enormous owl, much bigger than any of the usual regulars around here. In fact I am almost positive that its an eagle owl, but I don't think that they are native to North East Scotland?
One night it was perched on a telegraph poll not 10 feet away and so it was not easy to mistake the sheer size of it, or the fact that it was most definitely an owl.

Richard Evans said...

Richard, all I can think of right now is 'Owl Ong' by The Eagles and er, anything by 'Owling Wolf.

r morris said...

It was magic.