Monday, June 16, 2008

George Bush - there are no adequate words to describe this man's crassness

I watched Channel 4 news tonight and I've rarely been so incensed by the insensitivity of such an arrogant man - and the man is George Bush. As he walked up the stairs of No.10 Downing Street with Gordon Brown at his side the President of the United States of America said.
"Life's good. All the time."
This on a day when the five paratroopers killed a few days ago in Iraq were flown home to RAF Lynham. To cap it all this apology for a President said.
"I have no problem with how Gordon Brown is dealing with Iraq."

Well George Bush I have a problem with you showboating around Europe and visiting our country as though you're own some valedictory grand tour. The man is too daft to even comprehend the offense that he's causing. George Bush you have no right to bring your supercilious politics to our country. I know Brown invited you but if it were anything to do with most people in Britain we'd sooner you hadn't bothered.


Richard Evans said...

Hmmm, one GB is pretty much the same as another.

r morris said...

The whole time I was in the UK, I tried not to say anything against my President, not that I agree with him. All I can say now is, he'll make a better ex-Prez than he did a Prez.

Anonymous said...

The damage has been done by his election, and Presidency. It will take a thousand years to undo all the damage that his Presidency has done to the United States and the World. Its a bigger screw-up the the Vatican, when they oppressed DaVinci for 500 years. Our society would be a thousand years more advanced, both now will be a thousand years inferior..., Tyler,TX,USA