Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fingask Follies in Peebles

Fingask Castle is in Perth and for the past twelve years it has been the inspiration and the spiritual home of the Fingask Follies. what are they? "The Fingask Follies are an original musical revue which have been going for 12 years. Every show has the same format: four singers, two actors and a piano but a different title, theme and content which are conceived annually at Fingask Castle. We pride ourselves that the shows are slick, funny and thought provoking. Cole Porter and Plato, Milton and Mozart."

Last night we popped over to Peebles as guests of our friends David and Mary to see the Follies latest production, Heavenly Bodies - A Musical Revue. It was a lovely evening and great fun entertainment. Amongst the musical numbers were brilliant versions of Bowie's 'Space Oddity' and Kurt Weill's 'One Touch of Venus'. I'm just off in search of a wonderful song called 'Stars and The Moon' written by Jason Robert Brown, I've no idea who performed it originally.

It's funny how things get lodged in our minds but during 'Space Oddity' they sang mysterious instead of peculiar. On the way home I said to Mrs H. "I'm sure that its not mysterious"....it isn't. She indulged me in that , 'what a stupid anorak' kind of way. But there's nothing peculiar about their appeal and if you get the chance go see them perform don't miss it, although I think they are almost at the end of their 2008 run.

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