Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Over The Sea To Skye

Radio silence for the past few days has been as a result of a trip to Skye. While the south of the UK has had horrible weather much of Scotland has been bathed in glorious sunshine. On Thursday we went to Fort Augustus and spent the night with old friends who have an apartment in the old Abbey on the banks of Loch Ness and a short walk from the Caledonian canal.

On Friday morning it was a leisurely breakfast and then we headed for the west coast and Skye. Instead of going over the Skye bridge we decided that we should go 'over the sea to Skye' and so we took the ferry from Glenelg to Kylerhea. If you've got a little extra time this is THE way to cross the water. The ferry is run by a community company and is worthy of all our support. It costs £10 but the drive to Glenelg from just past Glen Shiel is fantastic. It's like driving through the Alps.

After getting of the ferry we headed to the north west of the island where we were staying at the Three Chimneys, it's a restaurant with rooms - six of them. The location is idyllic and the accomodation is to match. Dinner at the restauarnt is outstanding - not cheap - but all the food is local produce, much of it from the sea and the ambience and the service is excellent. We went with three other couples and so dinner was great fun and lasted for hours!

Saturday was a relaxing day of mooching around followed by another excellent dinner and on Sunday I went with the three other guys south to the Cullin hills for a spot of walking. David and I got up to near the top of the peak in the centre of the picture. We would have made it all the way but for the scree which was way beyond our capabilities. Tony and Gus got a lot further but apparently Tony's bum is grazed and bruised from two many tumbles on the scree. We have this on his partner's authority, none of the rest of us checked up personally.

The view from the top

Sunday evening's dinner was again spectacular and so was the sunset. Monday was a leisurely drive home.


r morris said...

When I think of Skye I always think of Gavin Maxwell's books, especially 'Ring of Bright Water'. Those were such good books, and introduced me to Skye at the age of 12 or 13.

jmb said...

I went to Skye in September 1960 and we had the most beautiful weather there. I spent a month in Scotland where my father emigrated from in 1912.
Lovely photos Richard. I had no idea there was now a bridge.

Ellee Seymour said...

What beautiful, stunning skies. I have also been to Skye. I became friends with a woman I met on a trip to Russia with Cambridge University Travellers and Explorers' Club and her boyfriend ran a very small theatre there. I was invited to stay with them. It was Wimbledon week and baking hot in the south. But on Skye, it rained and rained and rained every minute of every day and in the end I cut short my trip. I would love to visit again. I wonder what has happened to that theatre.