Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Musical Moments No.19

Tony Bennett is still going strong having made his debut on the Billboard charts in 1951. A few years ago he played an open air jazz festival in Glasgow and during his performance of I’ve Left My Heart in San Francisco the large crowd were moved to sing-a-long-a-Tony. Unfortunately as often happens in the open air, with the sound bouncing around, the crowds timing went somewhat awry and on this occasion they ended up some way ahead of Mr. Bennett. In a quiet moment a wag in the crowd, with typical Glaswegian insight, shouted out "Try and keep up, wee man."


ScotsToryB said...

I went to see Kirsty McColl in Glasgow (King Tuts) and was standing near the front. I could hear a murmur coming from the rear of the room that gradually moved forward until everyone was saying, very quietly, 'Chip shop'.


Ellee Seymour said...

What a great smoochy song this is.

I'm making good, but slow progress on my project, too many other constant distractions which I find very frustrating. I need to lock myself away in a secluded cottage somewhere.

Richard Evans said...

Richard, that reminds me of a pal of mine who, in the late 60s went to the Windsor Jazz Festival where Pink Floyd were due to appear. When he got there and had taken his seat in the crowd, the MC came on and announced that, owing to the indisposition of Sid Barrett, the Floyd would not be appearing that day - but in their place would be . . . Paul Jones, ex-singer of Manfred Mann.

Jones duly took to the stage and opened with a Sam & Dave number. "Do you like soul music . . ." sang Paul Jones, to which 4,000 people replied in unison "No!!!"