Sunday, April 20, 2008

For The Record (Shop)

Supply and demand, a basic premise of the way our economy works, but not apparently something that Frank McAveety the Labour MSP from Glasgow can get to grips with. The MSP with a collection of 10,000 albums has put down a motion in the Scottish parliament raising concerns about the future of independent record stores. He's amassed this collection since he first started buying records with money from his paper round when he was fourteen.

According to the MSP "I'm a music fanatic and collect all types. Now, when I walk down to the parliament building, I cannot just pass Unknown Pleasures, the independent store in Canongate. The great thing about them is that you can find some real treasures and collectors' items."

Fine I too like walking into a record shop, any record shop, and having a rummage around but we're in the minority. Does Mr. McAveety feel as passionate about books? Because things will soon be heading the same way there as well. It's all about how people buy things these days, and it's worse, I agree, if you are a music fan rather than a book fan because the download market is easier. But my main point is should we be wasting to parliament's time with such nonsense? A question costs both time and money at Holyrood and however many questions are asked about it nothing is going to change. The demand is dictating the supply here Frank.

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CFD Ed said...

You are absolutely correct. Collecting vinyl may be fun for certain collectors. The same is true of stamps and porcelain figures.

If there is a market then maybe he should open a store and have an enjoyable time making money out of his hobby.

Maybe he could even get an agreement to make reproduction pressings of certain albums and records, sell the equipment to play them, become a sort of vinyl ‘Franklin Mint’

What is he going to do? Argue it is cultural or part of the ‘Arts’? Distort the market by supporting the stores with taxpayer’s money?