Friday, March 28, 2008

Value For Money at Scottish Local Authorities?

According to the Tax Payers Alliance there are fourteen people in UK local authorities that earn more than the Prime Minister. It appears that there are none in Scotland although we cannot be sure because of the 32 listed by COSLA eleven local authorities refused to answer questions on how much they pay their senior staff. The best 'excuse' for not responding was Edinburgh City Council who said. "“… There is no aggregate corporate statistical information in existence that would meet your requirement”

There are six authorities where no one earns more than £100,000, but there are two where they earn more than a cabinet minister (South Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire), although I wouldn't mind betting there's a couple that are saying nothing who also earn more than the £137,579 paid to a Westminster cabinet minister. Alex Salmond gets £77,000 as First Minister, which means that the majority of council chief executives get paid more. Here in the Scottish Borders the CE earns over £113,00. Based on the population of the Scottish Borders he earns more than a £1 per person living here, well above most other Chief Executives. Though to be fair the Chief Executive in the Outer Hebrides earns £102,991, which is around £4 for everyone living there.

Comparing salaries is always tricky but it does throw up some interesting questions and makes one think. For more on the Tax Payers Alliance report go HERE

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