Sunday, February 03, 2008

Two Jags Prescott, How Many Jobs Blair?

Given the news that Tony Blair has held talks with some of his oldest allies over his potential campaign to become the EU's first full-time president, and given the fact that our former PM seems to have four of five other jobs, isn't it somewhat surprising that he didn't go for the England Manager's job, as well as presenting the new, News at Ten. I hear Cliff Richard is going on tour; perhaps there's a slot for TB on guitar?


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Keep your eye on this. The anti-christ has to come from either here or America.

Richard Evans said...

There was a photograph in yesterday's Telegraph of that other money-making Blair, who is off on another jaunt raking in squillions. The creepy things was,and I kid you not, she looked just like John Prescott in a wig!

Trubes said...

Blair's latest "job" with Zurich, is IMHO, a most appropiate Company for him to be involved with, I speak through first hand experience !
Many years ago, when, tired of the pressures of Stockbroking life, I resigned from a well paid position and launched myself into the "job market".
Allied Dunbar (now Zurich), used their high pressured means to persuade me, that, I would be well suited in becoming an Investments
Portfolio Consultant.
Oh Boy, what a mistake that was. I have never in all my professional life met, such a bunch of egoistical, lying rogues. The title of Investments Portfolio Consultant was just a subterfuge for the job of selling Insurance Policies. The "Consultants" all sold "front loaded " Policies, which enabled them to take extortionate commissions, from the unsuspecting client. This meant, should the client wish to redeem the policy, it was almost worthless, in the first Five years of cover. Clients would be persuaded to invest a lump sum, "up front", or make hefty monthly payments, thus ensuring that the Consultants got their commissions straight away. A lot of the Allied Dunbar Policies covered Personal Pension Plans. When they decided to move in with Zurich. (Zurich was a holding Company , based in Switzerland) which was owned by Mark Weinberg),who also owned Allied Dunbar, I was horrified should any of the Pension plan that I had sold were at risk. To date this does not seem to be the case !

Therefore the choice of "Bliar" to work on the Board of Directors is most suitable, most suitable indeed ! A rogue amongst rogues !

I resigned from Allied Dunbar after 6 months of working for them .

Trubes said...

Oops typo error. Egotistical not egoistical. apolo's.

Richard Havers said...

Bret....what can I say? Scary

Rich, she's always been the more scary

Trubes, what's that saying about judging a man by the company he keeps?

Selena Dreamy said...

The anti-christ has to come from either here or America.

A rogue amongst rogues !

judging a man by the company he keeps?

No judgement on his person or his role in history can avoid reference to the fact that Tony Blair had already begun setting up charitable foundations that would set him off on the US lecture circuit before he quit office last year. Or that barely six months after leaving No 10, he underwent a solemn rite that involved swearing the acceptance of Catholic doctrine in its entirety: "I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic church believes, teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God."

Well, if you believe that, you believe anything - including the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The judgement of history is clear: Tony was not bad. He was mad!


Colin Campbell said...

I vote for Tony to work as a Cricket Umpire. He could see the world. Hang out with citizens of the former Empire and use his marvelous mediation skills to make sure that enthusiastic young men don't make a monkey of things.