Friday, February 22, 2008

A Tent From Amazon?

I'm always interested in the emails I get from Amazon suggesting things I might like, having bought a particular purchase earlier. Last week they mailed me about Al Kooper's book, Back Stage Passes & Back Stabbing Bastards. They suggested I would like it having bought Mick Brown's (brilliant) biography of Phil Spector. I got the Kooper book when it first came out, but would urge anyone interested in music and especially the 60s/70s to get it. Today when I logged onto Amazon I get the usual, welcome Richard Havers message and these suggestions.

What may not be immediately clear unless you enlarge it is that are suggesting I buy a tent!


r morris said...

You can use it when you and your wife come to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks and we take you camping. :)

Richard Havers said...

Surely that's in America isn't it? I thought you people used Winabagos :)

r morris said...

Well, there are two Americas. One uses Winnebegos, the other uses tents. I am one of the tent Americans. I can't justify paying as much for a vehicle as for a house. Not only that, I am too poor to do so. Plus, where I like to go, a Winnebago cannot go.
The beaten path is not worth camping on.

Richard Thomson said...

Now is the winter of our discount tents?