Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Scotsman, The Green Lobby & Fallago Ridge.

A three week public hearing in Duns, into the Fallago Ridge wind farm, ended on Friday. Earlier in the week the Scottish Government appointed official (The Reporter) went on a site visit with many of the objectors, as well as people from the company who want to develop the wind farm. Throughout the Lammermuir Hills the familiar yellow and black signs littered the landscape. Unlike the turbines they are quick and easy to remove and do not do long term damage to the environment. The Reporter's decision will hopefully be quick. A big thank you to Dave Lochhead, the chairman of the Community Council along with the rest of the councillors from Cranshaws, Ellemford & Longformacus who have fought a good fight.

One of the biggest disappointments during the hearing was the deafening silence from the main Scottish media and in particular the Scotsman. They have provided virtually no coverage, possibly because it goes against their new found green credentials. When will they realize that turbines are about making people money, not saving the planet. Of course the Scotsman going green doesn't extend to their advertising policy. Much of their advertising is airline and foreign travel related, with a lot of Tesco thrown in. Since the paper's purchase by the Johnson Press it is increasingly going down market and feels more like a low brow, local paper than the brilliant newspaper it once was. You hear it from most people - 'aye the Scotsman's not what it was."

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