Thursday, January 24, 2008

Young Gifted and Brown?

“We must increase the opportunities we all have to make healthy choices around the exercise we take and the food we eat…..I want to issue a challenge to everyone in this country, from NHS professionals to parents to businesses to Government, to work towards a society in which everyone can exercise greater control over their diet and levels of activity, maintain a healthy weight and lead healthier lives.”

So said our brave and fearless leader (pictured right) in the forward to a report issued yesterday entitled ‘Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives 
A Cross Government Strategy for England’. Of course this is all very laudable and no bad thing at all.

But here’s the rub. The picture beside Gordon's foreword of him looking in not bad shape must have been taken back in the 1990s sometime. This is Gordon today.

Now of course our leader famously said when he got the big job that there would be no more spin, well it seems that what he meant to say was their would be new spin.

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r morris said...

The guaranteed way to put twenty years of age on your face in four years---be leader of a large democratic nation.

Look at Lincoln, Carter, Bush, Clinton and mini-Bush. The responsibilities of the job seem to create lines and whiten hair.