Thursday, January 10, 2008

News Flash - Bad Weather in Scotland....Shock, Horror

According to the Scotsman today.

"METEOROLOGISTS last night said Scots will need to learn to live with the extreme weather and the chaos it has brought to the country over the past few days, as the unpredictable effects of climate change begin to bite. Experts from the Met Office told MSPs that the wetter winters and drier summers which would be visited on Scotland could bring "increased intensity of severe weather events" – such as flash flooding – in the years ahead."

Now admittedly the Scotsman has had a new editor in the last year, he came from Portsmouth on the south coast of England so he might be forgiven for allowing such tosh to be written in the paper. Admittedly we are not in the worst effected parts of Scotland's bad weather in the last 24 hours or so but this really is pure tripe. In case he doesn't realize there's been bad weather in Scotland for years. Certainly in the ten years that we've lived here there have been floods in this area that have been very bad. But nothing like the flood in the 1947.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Oh i remember Christmas in the Cairngorms - talk about blizzards. What fun.

r morris said...

Is this similar to a dry spell in the Sahara?