Monday, January 14, 2008

The Cost of a Car

I just chanced upon a piece from 1953 discussing who made the cheapest motor car in Britain. Austin claimed to have stolen a march on Ford by releasing a two door version of the A30 for £475. Ford then struck back by offering the Ford Popular at just £390. So I thought how does that compare to today?

Based on the RPI, the A30 would have cost £9,150 today and based on average earnings it would be a whopping £26,580. The Ford would have come in at £7,515 and £21,820. Makes today's cars look pretty cheap.....

A Hyundai Amica is £4,600, a Ford KA is £4,986 and a Fiat Panda is £4,995


My sister who is always on the case has just sent me this. News to me too!

The Havers was an automobile built in Port Huron, Michigan by the Havers Motor Car Company from 1908-14. The Havers were conventional in design, except they had a long chassis. Most were equipped with a six-cylinder engine, the 1914 engine being of 6.2L capacity producing 55 hp. The 1914 Model 6-55 Speed Car with two passengers sold for $2,250.


Marilyn said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work. Cheers:-)

Richard Evans said...

So what you're saying, Richard, is that you're conventional and have a long chassis.

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