Friday, December 14, 2007

Would You Make This Man Your Leader?

Call yourself a Prime Minister? As I've said often on this blog and even more often in real life, Gordon Brown's abilities to be a leader are sadly lacking. They were on display yesterday over the Lisbon signing of the EU Treaty. First he goes to the House of Commons where he put on a petulant and moody display in front of the MP's Committee. Then he turns up late in Lisbon because the sixth-former’s club that surround him in Downing Street obviously decided this was the way to show he wasn't really a party to the treaty. The fact is he signed it, we as a country have signed up to it and that's that. All Gordon Brown has succeeded as doing is to further undermine his leadership credentials, while at the same time embarrassing Britain. In the long run this is another nail in his coffin and a severe dent for Britain within the EU. Whether you agree with being a member or not, we are, and we should be showing a whole lot more class. We're either a world player or a bit part player. Brown is doomed.

And in response to the question the answer is clearly NO! But then again who did? No one voted for him as PM, it was just a case of no one stood against him. He knows that, he realises that he's unloved and unliked and that's a big part of his undoing. Like him or loath him Tony Blair had the confidence of a winner. Gordon Brown has the smell of defeat clinging to him.

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Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

The man will end up on an English Nationalist gibbet unless he manages to incarcerate all the English first.