Monday, December 17, 2007

Trumptown Latest

According to the BBC web site. "The Trump Organisation is dismayed at the political attacks. These attacks are more than misguided, they are malicious, inaccurate and potentially destructive and they threaten to once again endanger a £1bn project which has the overwhelming backing of the north east of Scotland. The politician responsible should cease and desist before real and permanent damage is done."

It's great isn't it? A foreign commercial organization telling democratically elected members of parliament of another country to 'cease and desist'. Can you imagine if it were a British company telling American senators to do the same?

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Roger Thomas said...

This sort of related. The IP lawyers have looked at it and gone similarity, timing and access, sucked through their teeth, tut tut tut.

If you have anytime I would be grateful of any views.

I will contact the blogger round up and see if they can give it some coverage. If everyone is discussing policy, it might give some transparency if potential things are in the open, mixing metaphors.