Sunday, December 02, 2007

Music Industry Dictionary

A few ideas to get started....

Mercurial – an artist who sometimes good, sometimes crap and probably difficult too
Near legendary – old, trying to make a comeback
Musical differences – We hate each other’s guts…. and music
Semi legendary – Hardly heard of
Classic album – One that everyone has in an older format that record companies now want us to buy, in the new industry standard format (with bonus tracks).
Stage presence – Anyone whose playing is acceptable, though not outstanding, but on the other hand is great to watch.
Eponymous – Lacking in wit and imagination. Is it only the music press that uses this word? Has anyone ever seen it used elsewhere?
New Age – When added to the word music it normally means a dearth of melody and a surfeit of tinkley bits.
Angel Dust – A street name for the drug PCP, but also a term oft used by musicians to describe what they would like the producer to sprinkle on the track to turn it into a great big hit. And in some cases to merely make it passable.
Cult Classic(s) – A track or band that hardly anyone remembers but the marketing people needed something to put in the press release to give it or them some gravias (or even reason to exist)


jams o donnell said...

Haha Excellent!

r morris said...

I had no clue what epinymous meant till a few years ago. No, I don't think it is used anywhere else.

r morris said...

Ooops, see, I can't even spell it.

Trooper Thompson said...

Funny post, but I must confess to using 'eponymous' in a recent post about a film called 'Melody', starring 'Tracey Hyde as the eponymous heroine'.