Tuesday, December 11, 2007

David Cameron Patronizing Towards Scotland

There's an interview in today's Daily Telegraph with David Cameron. In it he says, "As the first Tory leader to have done a walkabout in Sauchiehall Street without being headbutted, I think it's a great badge of honour." I think this is the second time he's cracked this gag and it's bloody stupid. Has he any idea how out of touch it makes him sound? How patronizing, despite his carping on about how in touch with Scotland he is. Hearing things like this makes me believe that old Etonians really do live in some kind of rarefied, aspic-clad, atmosphere. Despite his protestations of 'ordinaryness' he should perhaps get a few people around him who understand a little bit more about real life, ask their advice and then take heed.

Oh and by the by, no Tory leader has ever been headbutted in Sauchiehall Street - making him an even bigger twirp (an under used word for my money!)


CityUnslicker said...

however, anything we have previously done has lowered our share of the vote as Tories; perhaps this is counter-intuitive?

Richard Havers said...

Oh, I would love to think you're right. Unfortunately I think I was right in the first place. like so many people 'down south' Scotland is a bit of a mystery to them. And I was born in Sarf Lunnon

CalumCarr said...

Cameron's speech and his Sauchiehall Street comment almost pulled me out of my hibernation but not quite: I'll restrict myself to a comment.

Once Cameron engages with the realities of Scottish politics he may make some progress but as long as he makes patronising 'jokes'; uses "separatism"; defends the Union with ridiculous examples of British domination / success none of which can be linked directly to the Union, he is on a loser.

Although not my politics, Scotland would benefit from an effective Conservative party if only to promote a wider debate on key issues. An effective Labour party wouldn't go wrong either.

If Scotland is to become independent at some stage let it be on the basis of a proper debate and choice. Unfortunately I can't see the issue proceeding this way!

Richard Havers said...

Calum, well said. I'm as you probably know, not for independence. However, a proper grown up debate can only benefit Scotland, whatever happens. The Scottish Tories are inept at best and Cameron doesn't understand them or the issues