Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When A Nation Loses It's Sense of Humour

Apparently a guy dressed as a policeman to be a stripogram is going to stand trial accused of wearing a police uniform and carrying an offensive weapon. The twenty four year old student at Aberdeen University who has the stage name "Sergeant Eros" was arrested in July before he was due to appear at a fundraising event at the Meldrum Arms Hotel.

Kennedy is charged with contravening the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1965 by possessing an offensive weapon - a side-handled baton - without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, in South Road, Oldmeldrum, on 20 July. He is also accused of contravening the Police (Scotland) Act 1967 on the same date by a wearing a police uniform - including handcuffs and a CS spray holder containing a canister of "training water" spray - without having a satisfactory explanation of his possession of the items.

Have we gone barking mad? Have we got time, and money, to put these things through the courts? It’s clear he was not about to do anything against the police or individuals. Frankly if every police impersonating stripogram across the country were arrested and treated this way then our courts would become completely clogged. AND, how many female police impersonating stripograms have been arrested, next it will be nun-o-grams arrested for blasphemy!

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jams o donnell said...

What an utter misuse of police and court time. I was wondering for a moment what the weapon in question was but then I have the humour of an eight year old!