Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Walk in the Black Forest

One of the best things about working at home is it allows me to do things when I want - sometimes. This afternoon I went out into the garden about4 p.m. and the light was fantastic. Mrs.H. was busy painting the gates, or at least she had been. "Shall we take the dogs for a walk?" No, I'm waiting for a call...Oh they'll just leave a message, let's go." So I grabbed the camera and we walked up the lane. After we chatted with the gamekeeper and his wife, two up on a quad bike, we walked on. I love our walks, we get to talk about all the issues, non issues, things of consequence, things of inconsequence and what's for dinner.

Sometimes we don't say much, although that is rare. It's lovely just walking and smelling the delicious aromas of the autumn filling the air. It's especially good in certain places where the canopy of trees seems to entrap the smell. There's one place, just near to where I took this picture this evening, where there's a wonderful peppery smell - we've never been able to work out what it is, yet comment on it several times a week when it's particularly pungent. Of course we're in that period of the year when the time between our morning and afternoon walk (when we take it) is getting less and less as the days get shorter. It's just great to grab the god days as they come along.

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r morris said...

Excellent posting. I could imagine it.
A place that is similar is the Black Hills in South Dakota, my home state. They are magic. The wind sounds different in the pines, the earth smells pungent, and even the grasses dance. No wonder the Sioux considered them holy, like a cathedral.

We are surrounded by God's best work every day, and so seldom remember to truly look. Thanks for the reminder.