Sunday, November 18, 2007

Surely Not?

If this is true we've got a Prime Minister who is not just completely barking but actually dangerous. Click HERE to be astonished. God forbid what'll happen if Kate Garroway wins Strictly Come Dancing. The clunking one will probably offer her a seat in the Lords to advise on electoral reform


female political and social comment said...

hello i'm being cheeky, trying to drum up some interest in my site. hope you don't mind.
i've just posted my thoughts about the behaviour of gordon brown towards our foreign secretary this week. a quick comment about the babyshambolic balls.
if anyone wants to check it out i would be grateful of the comments.
it's listed under:
poor old foolish, feeble gordon brown
thank you
how's the blogging going for you?

female political and social comment said...

thanks for the comment.
yes, not the greatest of fans of the male.
god forbid we have ten more years of this. i am def' considering emigrating!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Blimey, if that's true, he IS barking!

David Ross said...

The majority of party politicians have nothing more than arrogance and a limited experience in 'debating',they have precious little 'real' world experience probably no more than any other reasonably intelligent person on the planet, never mind their supposed portfolio specialism which is generally committee driven anyway. Add to that their blind denial of anything cross-party that would be beneficial to the populace and what do we have? Chaos, Something that doesn't work ! Especially nowadays when any amoeba can be headlined in the press with some purile comment or opinion. Something has to change and it will, but not by introducing another flavour of the same old thing and at least he (Gordon) is trying to introduce some radical change by attempting to introduce some people with wider and real world experience to the posse of decision makers.