Monday, November 26, 2007

Poodle Power

In 1964 The Rolling Stones were on a 29 date package tour around Britain headlined by John Leyton and including singer Billie Davis, Mike Berry and Mike Sarne. Also on the tour was jet Harris, who had quit the Shadows a couple of years earlier and more recently broken up with his drummer partner Tony Meehan. According to Bill Wyman, Jet proved to be an interesting character. “In York (half way through the tour) I noticed that Jet Harris had a whole crate of light ale in his dressing room. I was told he had one each night, and drank the lot all by himself! I was also amazed when I found out that he didn't play his bass on stage, but that he mimed to it, while Billy Kuy of the Innocents played Jet's parts, hidden behind the curtains. On the last night Jet got drunk and told dirty jokes throughout his set, to a stunned audience. As if responding to Jet’s performance Billie Davis' poodle walked onstage, peed on Jet's spot lit vocal mike stand while he was singing and walked off.” – rock and roll!

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r morris said...

Too bad there's no film footage of this illustrious event.
Could it be karma?