Friday, November 02, 2007

As Interesting As Scotland Gets?

Tonight's BBC Scottish News at 6.30 led with the story of the Celtic fan who ran onto the pitch, against AC Milan, and tapped their goalkeeper on the shoulder. He received a 120 hour community service sentance today. The BBC managed to run this piece for close to five minutes, even asking people on vox-pops if he should have had a custodial sentence. Now you have to question whether a country that is, according to its First Minister, the third wealthiest in Europe really has nothing else more important to talk about?

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David Ross said...

What's wrong with you?, football is the second most important religion on the planet. The BBC knows this and quite rightly gives it prime time coverage..........unless of course it rains and then the most important religion (Global Warming) takes precedence. For a change, switch to BBC2 or CH4 - they do it the other way round.