Saturday, November 03, 2007

Familes - The New Political Battleground?

Yes I know it's daft, but that's what it says on the BBC News' web site. I found a link to this BBC page highlighted on the BBC News home page. This is what it says.

What kind of family do you live in? Are you affected by the changes in family life? Would you be willing to interviewed by a BBC journalist? Cohabiting couples with children are the fastest-growing UK family type, according to an official report focusing on the 10 years up to 2006. The Office of National Statistics study found lone parent families are also growing, but married couple families remain in the vast majority. As families become the new political battleground, they are taking more diverse forms and face increased challenges as the 21st Century progresses.

As families become the new political battleground? Has the BBC lost the plot? Why an earth would families suddenly become some kind of political battleground? Clearly everyone living in this country is affected in some way by politics, are families more affected? Well, possibly only when there is some kind of change in tax allowances for married couples. Politicians and the BBC should know better than to think they can in some way get involved with altering/managing/changing families. Of course the upshot of being interviewed by some BBC journalist will be a skewed, empirical type of programme that tries to tell us this is what Britain is like.

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