Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pasty & Shifty Politics

So there’s not to be an election anytime soon. I must admit I’m surprised because the longer Gordon hangs on in the harder it will get. However, his performance last night on the BBC news and the extract from this morning’s Andrew Marr interview gave good account of what we are in for. "I'll not be calling an election. I have a vision for change in Britain and I want to show people how in government we're implementing it,” said Gorgon.

And what can we expect - more of the same. Politicians need to start remembering that actually doing things for the country is the principal aim of government, rather than just saying they're going to do things. Much as I worry about Dave and his boys there's a sense that that's what they’ll do; even though they’re in opposition and that makes everything easier.

Some walking the walk to go along with talking the talk is what we need. Increasingly Brown looks demonic and sounds like a man who is out of touch. Too long in the dimly lit corridors of power make him look pasty and shifty. And as for spin, as Brown proved in his copycat speech at the Labour Party conference he’s just like Tony Blair (he’s the former PM in case anyone as forgotten).

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