Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'll Resist the Obvious.....

According to a New Economic Foundation (NEF) report it's all Britain's fault that China is producing increasing levels of carbon emissions. Over the last year, UK imports from China rose by 10% nearing 6.5 million tonnes and China's factories produce more CO2 per item than British ones. "Every time we hear a government minister talking about climate change, they seem to be drawn towards scapegoating (sic) China and its rising emissions," said NEF's policy director Andrew Simms.

Oh great! Let's now beat ourselves up over this shall we. We'll have the Saviour of the World - Gordo, son of the manse and all round Mr. Perfect suggesting we should consume less in order to help China reduce it's emissions.

You know you're going to love NEF when it says on the introuduction to their web site - nef is an independent 'think and do' tank. We believe in economics as if people and the planet mattered.

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