Monday, October 29, 2007

How Much?

Over at the Wardman Wire there's a very interesting post about Our brave leaders latest pronouncement, the £32 billion of oil revenues that Scotland is being deprived of by that nasty Labour English, sorry, Scottish PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer in London. The Wire says....

In his Scottish National Party leader’s speech at the annual conference in Aviemore, Alex Salmond stated that the Treasury receives £32bn a year revenue from North Sea oil revenues based on a price of $86 per barrel.

He contrasted Westminster’s financial “squeeze” with the £32 billion a year the Treasury receives from North Sea oil revenues now oil prices are around $86 a barrel. (Scotsman)

Bearing in mind that the official forecast for the current year is less than a third of that figure at £10.4bn - and that even that figure is double the £5.2bn figure for 2004-5 - can anyone provide me with a detailed citation and calculations for Mr Salmond’s £32 billion number?

Scotland’s very own ‘Artful Dodger’ is at it again. A big fish in a small pond is Mr Salmond who has perfected the art of attacking on issues that, while big news north of the border, mean not a lot down south. With many bigger fish to fry (that came out unintentionally) the Labour Govt. in London cannot be bothered with Shrek and his pronouncements. The trouble is the squeeze on Scottish Labour is coming from both north and south of the Border.

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Matt said...

I hvea had a question whether the Scotsman reported the speech accurately.

Still checking.