Monday, October 15, 2007

Frenchman Fiddling With The Facts.

Don't you just love Bernard Laporte the French rugby coach and soon to be French Minister of Sport. According to Bernie the Bolt from the blue (never trust a man who sings his national anthem with his arms folded). "This World Cup has been crazy. Who has played any rugby? The only ones are the All Blacks. They have the power and the genius, something that no-one else has. They are the best team in the world."

Well of course he would say that wouldn't he. France having beaten the New Zealanders it's his feeble attempt to try and salvage some pride. The fact is Bernie we beat you, beat you fair and square and whether or not we play better rugby is irrelevant 'cos winning is what counts.

Awfully sorry to gloat, but it's normally England who have to find such excuses.

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