Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Blues Comes to Peebles

Off to the other side of the Borders today, although not over the border! Tonight and tomorrow Bil Wyman's Blues odyssey comes to Peebles. While we used to talk about the Blues while we were on the book signing tour for the book that was sx years ago! Bill has been away touring in Scandinavia for six weeks so we've had to put this together, long distance. I may not be able to blog for a couple of days but will report back on Friday.


David Ross said...

Sorry I will miss this series of events Richard, I hope it is a great success.

r morris said...

What fun! Wish I could be there. Enjoy!

r morris said...

Q---How do you get a Stone into a Peebles?
A---Either hit it with a sledgehammer or....invite it! :)

All right...it's a stretch, but peebles, pebbles