Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scottish Enterprise Borders. An Oxymoron?

According to Scottish Enterprise Borders the local economy growing at almost twice the rate of the Scottish average. Data prepared by the research consultancy Experian, shows the Borders economy grew at a rate of 3.6 per cent per annum, compared to about 2 per cent for the Scottish economy as a whole. At the same time the research also found lagging productivity levels in the region, ascribed to the Borders' relative lack of high-growth industries such as financial and business services, and communications. The lag was seen as affecting wage levels in the region, which continue to be lower than the Scottish average.

Now I'm always sceptical of research that's commissioned by people who stand to benefit by the results but this clearly is a piece of fluff. Quite how the ‘Border's only’ economy can be measured in isolation I fail to see. Clearly it doesn't then reflect in wages which is how most ordinary people recognise good things are happening. Scottish Enterprise Borders is a discredited organization that most everyone locally question whether they have a reason to exist. I'd love to see them list their achievements.


Sir James Robison said...

They'd publish a list all right and it would be a glossy brochure costing the taxpayer large sums, it would repeat itself with the same baseless claims and wrap them up in fluff. Don't challenge them, Richard - save everyone money.

Richard Havers said...

Sir Jim, of course you are absolutely right. What could I be thinking of!

Pete in Dunbar said...

Not so sure about the 'oxy-', but 'moron' certainly sums up Scottish Enterprise wherever they exist. As far as I can see they are an organisation that exists simply as a conduit to transfer public money into consultants' bank accounts.