Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random Saturday Facts & Musings

“I think he’s an overrated midget”

Keith Richard on Prince (before he was the artist formerly known as, and now is again)

In 1992 Was Not Was made No.4 on the UK charts with their wacky dance record, 'Shake Your Head'. Kim Bassinger and Ozzy Osbourne shared the lead vocals.

Leafing through an August 1967 copy of Rave magazine a news item jumped out at me. I quote in its entirety. "The Jonathan King - Sandie Shaw romance still blossoms."

Have you wondered why you don’t ever see Jethro Tull and the Channel 4’s ‘Time Team’ presenters together in the same place? Is the picture on the right the guy who spends his time in the pit digging or is it Ian Anderson, JT's front man.

Proving his sense of humour held up to the end Peter Sellers had Glenn Miller’s ‘In The Mood’ playing as he was cremated.

Robert Plant turned down the chance to sing on the original album of Jesus Christ Superstar and the role went to Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan.

Steve Stills auditioned to be one of the Monkees but he was turned down on account of “his hair and teeth.”

The shortest album review ever? Charles Shaar Murray on Lee Hazzlewood’s (Nancy Sinatra’s svengali) Poet, Fool or Burn…..”Burn.” Trouble was the album was actually called Poet, Fool or BUM!

J. J. Cale’s real name is John Cale, he just added the second J because it looked good.

At 2’ 58” into Hey Jude you can here John or George say “fuckin’ ‘ell” after he fluffs his backing vocals.

When someone is billed as a “living legend” it makes you wonder if the end is near.

“Take a small Bible with you, and read it!” – Producer, Norman Petty’s instruction to the Crickets, including Buddy Holly, on their first tour away from Texas.


Richard Evans said...

Richard, 2'58" in, it's John and he says "Fuckin' 'ell, wrong chord!"

r morris said...


1. That was the best thing that could have happened to Stephen Stills.
2. I'm going to have to listen to 'Hey Jude' a few times today.
3. Didn't Prince open for the Stones on one tour and get booed off the stage?

Anonymous said...

The real story of the extra "J" in John Cale's name is told on our Tour DVD from Time/Life. The name change was done by a Sunset Strip club owner and John just went along with it. One of the benefits was to separate him from John Cale of the Velvet Underground.

-Rocky Frisco

Richard Havers said...

Thanks Rocky, Rob and Richard (sounds like a 60's folk group) for the top tips

Sir James Robison said...

J. J. Cale’s real name is John Cale - alternatively, the name he says is his own - Jean Jacques.

Prince - “I think he’s an overrated midget” - I do too.