Friday, September 14, 2007

A Glimmer of Talent

The first Mick Jagger & Keith Richards song to make the US charts was Gene Pitney’s 'That Girl Belongs To Yesterday' that got to No.49 in February 1964. Three months later The Stones had their first Billboard hit with 'Not Fade Away', which got one place higher than Pitney’s record; the song was originally a hit for Buddy Holly and the Crickets. It was the Stones second US hit, 'Tell Me (You’re Coming Back To Me)', that was their first self penned recording to chart in America; it made No.24 in July 1964.

The picture shows Pitney at the studios in London when he recorded the song. With him are Mick and Keith, along with their brilliant manager Andrew Oldham (2nd left). Over at Philip Townsend’s archive you can buy this picture as well as many other brilliant shots of the Stones and many other images.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memory of Gene Pitney recording the Stones! Not many remember that Gene was so versatile and cosmopolitan. Those were heady days for pop music - times like that may never come again.

Dan H.

r morris said...

Great pic, Richard.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a lovely pic and don't they all look young? ùùi still have my 45 rpm of "Tell Me" - some Hong Kong edition, for some reason - and I love that song. My parents didn't mind the Beatles but they thought there was something scary about Jagger!