Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Club Scotland - The Ultimate Closed Shop

Not content with making their expenses work for them it seems many MSPs are now getting their family to work for them too, and we're paying for it. Forty-seven have hired a relative since 1999 and it's getting worse. Since the election in May, 18 are currently employing a family member, including seven new members of the Scottish parliament. This includes Nicola Sturgeon, who used to employ her sister Gillian, and is currently employing her mother. Communities minister Stewart Maxwell has hired his wife Mary, according to the register of member's interests. Clearly most everyone's mum is a considered a great person, but best for the job? Margo MacDonald, the Lothians MSP, defended the practice of MSPs employing their spouses. "There are a number of husband and wife partnerships at Holyrood and Westminster, and I wouldn't condemn it. It keeps a marriage secure in a profession that is notorious for causing marriage break-ups. " What about people who have normal jobs? Ah, of course politicians always plead the one rule for you and another one for us.

Meanwhile with the SNP in power still nothing is being done about MSPs being able to claim allowances for buying a property in Edinburgh. Many have done this since the parliament began and of course a number have then gone on to make money when they resell their property. We're paying their expenses and they're pocketing the cash. Successive First Ministers and the last presiding officer said something needed to be done but no one does anything?

Welcome to Club Scotland where politics is the inner sanctum. Of course we all know that politicians are by and large incapable of talking the talk and walking the walk but we have a really suspect bunch. And they ask why people are less and less inclined to vote and feel disengaged.

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