Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bring On The Attack Dogs

But what is catching up with Gordon? His very bad handling of our economy that's what. The pensions situation, selling off our gold, stealth taxing us to the point of oblivion, and the fact that he was nothing to do with anything that's happened before he became Prime Minister are the issues. Northern Rock has not happened just because of what's been going on in America - it's a direct result of Gordon Brown's monetary policy.

Cameron and the Tories have to change their tactics. 500 odd pages of complete bollocks from the Quality of Life group led by John Gummer and 'Boy' (what's a job?) Goldsmith will do nothing for the Tories. They need to find some attack dogs fast and unleash them on the mess that Brown has created. Making us feel guilty about the Green agenda will do nothing for Tory votes. David Cameron is a lightweight who needs to become a heavyweight virtually overnight if there is to be success at the next election. Get the likes of Ken Clarke into a position where he can inflict hits.

Soft alternative policies are not going to do it. The electorate will respond to the 'pound in their pocket' argument not fluffy stuff near the artic circle, banning domestic and short haul flights and trips to Rwanda. We need to start looking after our own back yard and expose Gordon Brown et al as the problem not the solution. Gordon 'Flash Cash' Brown has done Britain an immense amount of damage.

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Iam not a Tory [I am not anything these days] but I have always admired Ken Clarke. Yes, bring him back on!