Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beautiful Libraries.

Over on Richard Charkin's blog there's a debate about the most beautiful libraries in the world. For me this is it - Dublin's Trinity College. The first time I visited Trinity College and walked up the stairs to the library it took my breath away. I'd ask to take it as my luxury to that mythical desert Island.


jmb said...

I'm writing a post about the New York Library and noticed this post you had written about Trinity College library which I visited in 1960. It was indeed beautiful as I recall and I wanted to link to your post and then to Richard Charkin's post. Your link is working fine but for some reason I can't get a link to work to Richard Charkin's post which you obviously did. Most frustrating.
Although I am happy to have so much knowledge available via the internet, there's nothing to compare to real books in a beautiful building.

Liz said...

What a stunning sight.

I loved New York Library too, jmb.

jmb said...

So Richard I have posted on the NY library and I did link to you and finally managed to link to Richard Charkin as well.

Ellee said...

What an interesting debate. Can I also recommend Cambridge Univerity's Trinity Colege Library, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and famed for its unique archives.

I agree that Dublin's library looks superb too.

Are you applying for Led Zepp tickets, btw?

Richard Havers said...

I agree on Trinity College, it's a beautiful building.

Funnily enough I was just talking with a friend who is playing at the show and so I'm going to 'help' him that day!